Twist Mop, X Shape Microfiber Mop

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Key Features:

  • Twist Mop
  • X ShapeMicrofiber Mop
  • FloorClean Mop Twist Mop With 360 Rotating Head
  • Dust Mopwith Self Wringing
  • Floor Mopswith Reusable Microfiber Pads
  • Lazy Mopsfor Wash
  • ManualExtrusion Household Cleaning
  • Effortlesslyclean your floors with Twist Mop
  • X-shapedmicrofiber mop for efficient and thorough cleaning
  • 360°rotating head reaches into corners, around furniture, and in hard-to-reachspots
  • Suitablefor all floor types, including laminate, hardwood, tiles, vinyl, stone, andconcrete
  • Locks inhair, dust, soil, water, oil, sauce, and milk for a spotless clean
  • Extra-long51-inch handle for reaching high corners and deep under furniture
  • Microfiberpads provide a larger and faster wiping area for quick and efficient cleaning
  • Easyattachment and removal of mop pads for convenience
  • Self-wringingmechanism to avoid contact with dirty water and protect your health
  • Lightweightyet heavy-duty design for easy maneuverability and durability
  • Made witha sturdy aluminum alloy handle for long-lasting use
  • Built-inmultipurpose scraper for removing hair and tough stains from the mop pad
  • The flat edgeof the scraper helps squeeze out excess water from the mop cloth


1x Twist Mop, X Shape Microfiber Mop, Floor Clean Mop Twist Mop With 360 Rotating Head, Dust Mop